Heal the emotional wounds that prevent you from living a fulfilled
and joyful life.


By looking within and forging a deeper connection with yourself,
these feelings no longer have to be a part of your reality.

The more we disconnect from ourselves, the deeper the loneliness inside of us...

We fear the unknown; the deep parts of ourselves that are triggered by rejection, abandonment, and pain. We ignore these fears and move through life asleep, not realizing the beauty and potential within us. If only we could heal the emotional pain…

We cling too tightly to the physical world. We are obsessed with material gain, power, and the desire to win at any cost. All the focus on the physical wants of the ego disconnects us from the needs of the soul.

Challenging events trigger the disconnectedness. When we’ve endured some sort of trauma or emotional challenge – abuse, grief, breakups, and toxic and codependent relationships – we protect ourselves by putting up emotional walls.

These blockages prevent us from connecting to our soul and discovering our true purpose in life. They prevent us from developing deep, meaningful relationships. We are in constant emotional and spiritual pain.

It’s time to change this.


intuitive healing

and reflective journaling,
you can change your life.

If you’re skeptical, I understand.

I wasn’t always deeply connected to intuition. For most of my life, I focused on being “perfect” – the perfect daughter, wife, mother – always doing whatever it took to preserve the illusion of harmony and flawlessness. Outwardly, I smiled, but deep down I wasn’t truly happy.

Then, I went through a series of challenging and painful events that opened my eyes. This awakening forced me to break through the illusion and what I discovered was so profound and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. By opening my heart and soul and accepting the imperfections, I developed the ability to use my intuition to heal old wounds and discover my authentic self.

I’ve completely transformed my life and I want to help you do the same.

How are Love, Writing, and Empowerment



When we are on the wrong path – moving away from our own authenticity – we are often stuck in pain and confusion. We wonder why our lives are in chaos and surrounded by negativity.

But why write about it?

Reflective journaling will help you make sense of all the knowledge and insights you receive from your subconscious. Everyone has the ability to access this information. As you learn to trust your intuition and put pen to paper, you begin to see the connections. You may not find clarity as you write, but eventually, as you revisit your experiences and thoughts, the pieces will come together.

I’ve been journaling and writing my entire life. Sometimes things make sense immediately, other times, amid the confusion, I revisit the words I wrote in the past. Then – BOOM! – I finally see how my reflections are connected to my life in the present moment.

When we view life as a learning process, we can use challenging experiences as tools to give us insight rather than just another bad thing we had to endure. Healing requires change and change requires learning. Change leads to acceptance of both the light and dark, and ultimately, self-love. Every experience is a lesson.

We are empowered by understanding and sharing our journey, which allows us to teach and empower others. Our story can have a wide-reaching impact as people discover they are not alone in their thoughts and emotions.

Those that listen may find hope in our words. It will move them to start their own journey towards self-discovery and they will in turn share their story with the world.

Each person touched by another, creating a web of connectedness and a community of enlightened individuals, and ultimately, a more enlightened society.

“You must love yourself before you can truly be spiritually balanced and aligned. The road to self-love begins with facing your fears and healing the pain.”


Just Released!

The Midlife Crisis of A
Perfect Woman

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Have you ever felt a deep connection with someone the instant you met?

In the wake of a profound romantic relationship, a woman is propelled into an obsessive search for answers. Is he her soulmate? As she tries to unravel the significance of the mysterious connection, she is suddenly bombarded by visions and synchronicities. She realizes that there is quite possibly a lot more going on beyond the physical world. As she delves deeper into the metaphysical, she is soon led down a proverbial rabbit hole, where she finds a lot more than she expected.

A woman’s transformational journey of self-discovery and empowerment, told alongside a timeless love story, The Midlife Crisis of a Perfect Woman shows us that what we seek is already part of us. All we need is to open our hearts and minds and have faith in ourselves and the Universe.

I will help you discover the beauty buried within you through developing a connection to your higher self.

As an intuitive coach and writer, I have gifts that allow me to help you connect to your intuition, heal emotional wounds, and free yourself so you can forge a deeper connection with your higher self.

I can teach you how to let go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

I will help you open your heart and soul so you can develop meaningful relationships.

I can help you connect with your authentic self so you can align your life to a meaningful purpose.

Our disconnectedness creates isolation and prevents us from unconditionally loving ourselves and others. My mission is to create connection, love, and transformational change.

Let Go of Negative Emotions. Connect with Your True Self. Live an authentic life.

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This program is designed to help you heal emotional wounds and overcome patterns that keep you stuck in negativity. By forging and nurturing a deeper connection with yourself and awakening to the magic of the surrounding energies, you will discover your passionate purpose and live a more meaningful life.

Through the transformational power of intuitive healing and coaching, mindful practices, and reflective journaling, you will become who you were meant to be!

What’s included:

  • Intuitive healing and coaching sessions
  • Mastermind
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Reflective journaling using my unique method
  • Writing about your own journey
  • Retreats to connect with the Love. Write.  Empower. community

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