My Heart Is Broken but I Will Heal

Is pain caused by others really their fault or is it simply an effect of their actions?

They acted, you reacted. The depth of the pain you feel is your own perception. And it takes away your power.

If you go around saying “He broke my heart” that just gives more power to their actions and makes you feel helpless.

Instead say, “My heart was broken.” There is no blame to attach here. Just a statement of the truth.Then you can look inside yourself for healing. Why did this give me pain? How can I heal and move past this?

You have total control over how you deal with the pain. You can decide to heal, or you can decide to carry it, like a martyr, until it affects everything in your life, including how you interact with and view the world.

Don’t be a victim. You are not. You are powerful and people don’t do things TO you. You can control how you rise up from the actions of others.

If you live in victimhood, you will continually have interactions in life that make you feel the same way. And you will continue to live in pain.

You have the power to heal and live a positive life.