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Bela Gary is an intuitive coach, healer, and author. As a healer and intuitive coach, she helps those who are stuck in negativity heal their emotional wounds and live a life of joy and meaning. Her unique coaching method combines using her own intuitive and healing skills as well as teaching these techniques to others. Learning to use your intuition and understanding the messages that come from deep within your soul are key to finding your authentic self. Her method also includes reflective journaling to help you decipher the messages and understand the signs and synchronicities that appear in your life. The goal is that each and every person she works with will live a life of true purpose and passion.

Bela’s personal experience gives her a deep understanding of that challenges faced by many on the road to enlightenment. She experienced an unexpected awakening, brought about by a special connection with another person. The complex challenge that developed in the relationship was the catalyst that literally hurled her into spiritual and emotional chaos. She went through a dark night of the soul, facing fear, confusion, and pain. She learned many lessons along the way, including trusting her intuition and the power of reflective journaling. Eventually she rose up out of the dark to a place of light.

She discovered she had gifts of intuition and healing. As an empath, she deeply feels and understands other’s emotions. Through her intuitive skills, she guides her clients through the confusion and pain, while also teaching them how to use their own intuition. Her mission is to guide the lost and disconnected through the pain and chaos to enlightenment. Her hope is to create a vibrant community of souls to spread love and light throughout the world.

Bela released her first book, The Midlife Crisis of a Perfect Woman, in October. The book, a mix of fact and fiction, tells the story of a woman who rises from the darkness to empowerment. Her labor of love was created purely from intuition and reflective journaling. What started as chaos, ended with a powerful story of a woman’s journey from dark to light. 

Soul Link™ Certified
Master Energy Healer

Topics of Expertise

Bela Gary is available for media commentary, speaking and coaching on topics such as:

  • How to develop faith in the unknown, something beyond the physical
  • How to surrender control of things you cannot change
  • How to create deeper connections with yourself and others
  • Understanding the fear of the unknown, abandonment, and rejection and how to let go of those negative emotions
  • How to develop your intuition and learning to trust and understand the messages from your soul

Media Inquiries

Bela Gary has a dedicated media team.

For all inquiries, including speaking events, media commentary and additional opportunities, please contact:

[email protected]

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