Helping people let go of negative emotions and beliefs, create connections, and open their eyes to the unseen.

Transforming lives through intuitive healing.

Compassionate. Enlightening. Engaging.

My goal during presentations is to teach audiences how to discover the connections to their higher selves, others, and the energy surrounding us. This is important now more than ever.  We live in a disconnected world where too much emphasis is placed on the material. The pandemic crisis has brought many of these issues to the forefront. 

I was not a believer of the mystical and spiritual, until I experienced a dark night of the soul and was literally brought to my knees. I prayed for help. And help came, along with some incredible life changing experiences that eventually opened my eyes to the magic around me. 

I started intuitively sensing how people were feeling. I began having strange dreams, as well as perplexing visions during meditation. At first, none of this made any sense, until events and people I had seen and dreamed about started appearing in my life. I started journaling like crazy, writing down everything. Eventually, after reflecting back on many of my entries, I realized these were messages.  And they led me down the path I was meant to walk. The path to now. 

I rose up from the dark night of the soul towards the brilliant light. Going through this experience gave me the insight and knowledge to help others free themselves from darkness and negativity. I developed gifts to help people heal from their emotional wounds, free themselves from limiting beliefs, and move closer to their soul’s true purpose.

I want my speaking engagements to have impact. So that each and every person who hears my story and my words will make a point of recognizing what they can do to help themselves move toward positivity and living a meaningful life. 

I want to create a movement that builds meaningful connections in our disconnected world.

By bringing together a vibrant community of mentors, teachers, and guides, I’ll do my part to help those who want to become enlightened about what they sense but cannot yet see.

Topics of Expertise

At every event, workshop, or conference, my aim is to ensure that attendees are excited and inspired by topics such as…

  • How to develop faith in the unknown mysteries of the universe
  • How to surrender control and live in the present
  • How to create deeper connections with yourself and others
  • How to use mindfulness practices to write intuitively
  • How to develop your intuition and learn to trust your inner self

Invest in the spiritual growth of your team and community.